Fresh Inc 2013: Day 5 Recap


Day 5 at the festival was no less exciting than days 1-4!  The instrumentalists spent the morning in the rehearsal room, and the composers spent the morning in forums.  And some participants were even able to squeeze in a lesson!

day 4 - carole-1021

day 4 - carole-1011

day 4 - carole-1015

After lunch, we loaded up our cars, and we headed to Racine for a performance at the Racine Art Museum.  We had 90 minutes to play, so we had a great time selecting pieces to fill the time, and we heard to amazing performances!  I think the highlight of the evening was percussionist Chris Sies starting the program off with an extremely loud strike on the snare drum that inadvertently startled a number of people, who then poured out of the office and galleries to be mesmerized.





We have one more day to recap until our day off!  Stay tuned for our Saturday update!