Lecture Recital Featuring Recordings of Flute Works by Taiwanese Composers

Grace Lai-1005 (1)

As a Taiwanese flutist, performing and promoting the music of composers from her home country is of particular interest to Grace Lai.  Tyzen Hsiao (b. 1938), one of the most significant living Taiwanese composers, has written only two pieces for flute, Fantasia for Flute and Piano and Bagatelles for Flute. Unfortunately for the flute world, he has suspended his work due to ill health and does not plan to publish either piece.

In 2012, Grace made a flute and piano transcription of Memories of Home, Op. 49 (originally for solo piano), by Tyzen Hsiao.  She also made a recording of the transcription, and then presented her transcription at many different venues.

Grace is often asked by professors and colleagues to suggest works by other Taiwanese composers for recital and competitions. This has inspired her to broaden her knowledge of other Taiwanese composers–particularly living composers–and their works for flute.

Not wanting works by Taiwanese composers to remain absent from the internal professional flute scene, in May of 2013, Grace gave a lecture recital and made a recording of flute works by five Taiwanese composers.

The transcription and recording project of Memories of Home, Op. 49 for flute and piano has won the 2013 Women Council Graduate Assistance Fund.