Greg Watson

Composer, 2019

Growing up with a love for Legos and video games, Greg Watson has always had a passion for the mystical and the make-believe. Today, as a composer, he uses his music in collaboration with visual artists and creators to help bring their own make-believe to life.

In a yearlong partnership from 2018 to 2019, Greg composed an original orchestral work alongside a newly created painting by Cleveland-based landscape artist Lemma Shafik. Greg’s piece—Narrative on a Folding Screen—and Shafik’s painting—Unravel for 6 by 12-foot folding screen canvas—were premiered side-by-side this past April in a concert given by the Baldwin Wallace Symphony Orchestra. Apart from his collaborative projects, Greg has had the pleasure to study and work in masterclass settings with renowned media composers, such as Hummie Mann and Austin Wintory.

Currently, Greg is completing his master’s degree at the Seattle Film Institute’s Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program and holds a degree in music composition from the Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music. In addition to his musical endeavors, he is also a fanatical cat lover and avid language learner, with a minor in German and some study in basic Japanese.

Cricket’s Crossing — Greg Watson

for violin, clarinet, cello