Gunter Gaupp

Composer, 2019

Gunter (b 1993) is a composer and educator based in Memphis, TN who’s work combines interests in noise composition and free improvisation with the musical idiom of the American south. Born in Louisiana, Gunter’s music maintains a connection to jazz and folk traditions in his approach to melody and harmony while exploring new possibilities through extended technique, graphic notation, and electroacoustics. His music has been recently premiered in Chicago, Green Bay, and Memphis as well as internationally in Vienna as part of the 2018 Vienna Summer Music Festival. Gunter completed his MM in 2019 from the University of Memphis where he studied composition under Kamran Ince and John Baur. Additionally, Gunter received a BA from Rhodes College where he studied jazz guitar performance and he maintains an active presence performing as a guitarist and bassist in Memphis. More recently, Gunter has begun teaching music at Memphis Rise Academy where he hopes to empower students to explore their creative potential and actively engage with Memphis music traditions.

Toward Something — Gunter Gaupp

for classical guitar, violin