Hannah Boissonneault

Composer, 2019

Hannah Jane Boissonneault is a composer, songwriter, and performer from Clarkston, Michigan. Hannah actively composes for multiple fields, specializing in chamber music, film music, and indie/progressive rock music. She strives to merge her contemporary rock experience and influence with her classical knowledge into her compositions to create an environment that emulates both styles in an exciting, relatable fashion for both audiences and performers. 

Hannah has been commissioned by the Detroit Composers’ Project, along with various instrumentalists. Recent projects include a commission through Josh DeVries (cello) as a part of the YInMn project and attending the Fresh Inc. Festival and the Atlantic Music Festival as a composer. In the Spring of 2019, she composed the score for filmmaker Tennyson Hendershott’s newest short film, It Came From the Woods, and was awarded Best Composition/Original Score at the Bowling Green State University Film & Media Festival. During the same season, she also composed the score to director Adam Panter’s newest short film, Joyce.

With a passion for the contemporary rock industry, Hannah has performed with many bands in the Detroit area. She is endorsed as an artist with Balaguer Guitars, and the lead vocalist and bassist of progressive alternative band “Blank Slate.” The band released both EPs “Animate” and “I Have Considered the Following” in 2017, and newest single “Dedicate” in May of 2019. Their first music video, “Figures,” will be available on all streaming platforms on July 12th.

Hannah is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition studying with Zhou Tian at Michigan State University. She is also studying Jazz Bass with Rodney Whitaker.

WINDED, NOT BREATHLESS — Hannah Boissonneault

for flute, violin, classical guitar