Jade Garcia

Clarinet, 2020

Jade Garcia is a teaching artist who strives for an emphasis on thoughtfulness and connection in all that she does. Having earned her Bachelor of Music degree in Clarinet Performance at the University of Colorado, Boulder, she continues her music education as a Masters student at the Chicago College for the Performing Arts. Through these years of study she found music as a reflection of humanity and an access point for her clarinet students to gain deeper understandings of themselves and the world around them. It is this mindset that guides her work as a collaborator and mentor today.

Under the mentorship of clarinetists John Bruce Yeh and Daniel Silver, Jade has expanded her playing ability vastly. Always enthusiastic to make new discoveries, she has gained performance experience as an orchestral and chamber musician, often working closely with composers on new projects. She prioritizes a connection with the deeper representations in music, and has been praised by faculty and audiences for the sincerity she shows when performing.

You can learn more about Jade and her work on Instagram