Jessica Pollack

Clarinet, 2014

Jessica believes in the magic of music as a story-teller and the power of art to inspire passion and empathy in those who seek it. With experience in fundraising, sales, and marketing, she is leading a trend of artists becoming more well-rounded in order to produce their own performances. She is confident that the key to connecting with an audience is creating, not just a good musical product, but a complete concert experience using everything from programming to venue to program notes, and she loves collaborating with composers, other instrumentalists, and artists of all genres to make new concert experiences.

Jessica graduated Northwestern University in 2013, where she earned a Bachelor of Music in clarinet performance under Steve Cohen, Lawrie Bloom, and Leslie Grimm, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. She studied a year in Vienna Austria under Stefan Neubauer of the Vienna State Opera House.  After completing her undergraduate studies, Jessica returned to her home state where she is passionate about promoting art in her own community. Currently based in Orlando, Florida, Jessica is a board member and performer for the wind ensemble, Central Florida Winds. She is also a docent at the Foosaner Art Musem and plays as a substitute in the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra and their band. She has enjoyed spending her summers with future colleagues at Aspen Music Festival, fresh inc., Brevard Music Center, Eastern Music Festival, Musicalta, and Interlochen.

In her free time, she loves making medleys of pop songs and is an animal rights proponent who loves introducing people to the delicious examples of vegan food.

Craig Davis Pinson – Mercurial
for five clarinets

Alex Temple – Party at the Last Resort
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello, bass, piano

Alexander Cooke – Crossfade
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion