Just Duet

Ensemble: Clarinet, Percussion; 2015

Just Duet is an offbeat collaborative duo of clarinet and percussion based in Fargo, ND, focused on interdisciplinary performance of eclectic repertoire.

The unholy spawn of a night at the beer hall, Just Duet is the brainchild of grad students Cynthia Goosby and Scott Charvet. The aim of the duo is to shake up the chamber music scene with a unique mix of world and popular music, peppered with a healthy dose of off-color humor rooted in the absurd. Our focus is on interdisciplinary performances of eclectic repertoire… and wordplay. That’s our jam.

For more information about Just Duet, check out their website.

Sarah-Grace Graves – Beets
for clarinet, percussion

Libby Larsen – Corker
for clarinet, percussion

Michael Vince – Stereoscopic
for clarinet, percussion, saxophone, viola, cello