Kathryn Blake

Composer, 2019

Kathryn Blake is a composer who strives to connect with audiences through shared human experience and emotion. Starting at a young age, creation has been a large part of her life, and through her creativity, she has expressed herself. Kathryn was first introduced to music as a violist and picked up composing early on her journey. From her love of creating and storytelling, she admired the music of film and video games, and how they communicate with their audiences so well. Thus, film and game music were heavy inspirations in her early years of composing, and their influence still remains in her music through her nature for storytelling and creating moods for strong emotions.

Currently, Kathryn has delved into the world of concert music, exploring many different paths and venues in which sounds alone tells a story. She wants to be able to create concert music that is accessible to and interests a variety of audiences, and not just musically-educated ones. Returning to her roots, she also has collaborated with a few visual artist friends to help them with music for final project films/animations.

As an advocate for empowering women and minorities within the music community, Kathryn seeks to create art that moves people to make a change. She is currently an intern at I Resound Press, an online archive dedicated to preserving and sharing the works of women composers.

Kathryn is currently working on her BA in Music Composition at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, studying composition with Dr. Linda Dusman. 

Ella — Kathryn Blake

for flute, viola, harp