Latitude 49 at Strange Beautiful Music VI

Latitude 49

Latitude 49 recently played at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit as part of a New Music Detroit festival Strange Beautiful Music VI. Latitude 49’s set list included fellow fresh inc 2013 alumni John Dorhauer’s “Puzzle Lunch Tulips Cheezeborger (and other non sequiturs)” and Tomás Gueglio’s “Sextet II.” This same program was also performed as part of Grand Valley State University’s Free Play 27 series, organized by Bill Ryan.

In addition to these performances, Latitude 49 has launched a new website and has begun a CD project to be released in Fall 2014 that includes pieces commissioned for Latitude 49’s instrumentation. The CD will include works by Garrett Schuman, Jared Miller, John Dorhauer, Tomás Gueglio and Eugene Astapov (fresh inc 2012). This will be the first official L49 album and will be self-published with sound engineer Peter Leonard.

Lastly, L49 is preparing works by Chicago-based composers for a March 9, 2014 concert at Constellation Chicago. This show will also be presented in Ann Arbor (date TBD) and at Toledo University (April 3rd, 2014) where L49 will be the feature ensemble in their new music festival.