Lilac 94

unnamedThere are 94 strings on two harps — and that’s where Lilac 94 got their name.

Kathryn Sloat and Christina Brier of Lilac 94 Harp Duo traveled from the East Coast to Chicago to share a program of contemporary music, including pieces written by famous harpists as well as up-and-coming composers. Lilac 94 is dedicated to performing new and previously undiscovered music and exploring creative ways of using the harp.

Lilac 94 performed on Saturday, January 17th at 10:00 AM, over coffee and cookies, at Church of Beethoven – Oak Park. The concert featured music from their tour of the Midwest last summer which was a set of new works written for them recently by Daniel Morel and Bret Bohman. Each of the pieces portrayed a different setting in the Midwest, including Kansas City, Tiffin, Ohio, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Christina and Kate thought it would be interesting to play¬†Bret and Daniel’s music in their places of origin, and fun for audiences in the Midwest to hear their area of the country depicted as harp music.