Matthew Toffoletto

Composer, 2018

Matthew Toffoletto is an American composer and writer. He was born in Houston in 1996, and grew up next to an azalea bush, which died in the heavy rains last year. If there were anything that could most inadequately capture this longing, it is the emphatic desire to grow chiles on a windowsill, which is impossible because he lives in a dorm (where the floors absorb all liquids in under ten minutes). His hands are daily covered in three things: pencil shavings, the Houston sky, and the smell of onions. He has been searching for his protractor for two years: if found, please send immediately to Rice University.
Toffoletto is torn between the yearning to live on an asteroid mining station with a view of the sun from 500 million kilometers and the yearning to perpetuate the valuable friendships which, in conjunction with imagination, guide the desire to document and embody which is at the root of his musical creation. To help in the suffering of this dichotomy, he regularly writes science fiction, and has done so passionately since his graduation from the creative writing department of the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. The need to blend these art forms into a whole unit is expressed through a constant fixation and drama and text; recently, Toffoletto has worked on multimedia and fixed media scores for the theater community at Rice University, including a production sound design for the Rice Players. He will graduate in 2019 with a Bachelor in Music in Composition, having studied with Richard Lavenda, Kurt Stallman, Shih-Hui Chen, and Anthony Brandt; to aid the painful transition of identity from youth to lost adult, he will also graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics.

Matthew Toffoletto – immovable beings
for alto saxophone, trumpet, violin, double bass, piano