Maya Johnson

Composer, 2019

Maya Johnson is a composer and performing artist. Originally from a Rust Belt town in Pennsylvania, Maya was raised by a single mother in a suburb and spent most of her days reading, writing and watching anime. The one thing that got her out of the house was her passion for music and with it. As a violist she performed in Lebanon county and district orchestras, the Hershey Symphony Orchestra, Sphinx Performance Academy and finally Interlochen Center for the Arts, from which she was a member of class 2014. By 2018, Maya graduated from Baldwin Wallace Conservatory with her Bachelor’s in Viola Performance and Composition and attended Eastern Music Festival, Charlotte New Music Festival, SphinxConnect, and a semester abroad at Kingston University, England. These experiences fueled her desire for opera and thematic storytelling which took her to the University of Michigan. Under the study of Kristin Kuster and Evan Chambers, Maya is due to graduate in 2020 with a Master’s in Composition. Most of her works are influenced by the satire in Shostakovich opera, the harmony and soundscapes of Britten, and the passion and support of her peers.

Opacity — Maya Johnson

for violin, viola, bass, piano, oboe, clarinet, conductor