milwaukee art museum

It’s day 4, and time for our first off-campus public performance at the Milwaukee Art Museum, as part of their Target Free Thursdays!

We performed in the front lobby, near this gorgeous walkway. We couldn’t have asked for a better space to showcase some wonderful music, and the talents of our performers.

Millie was in on the act as well, being her thoroughly modern self in front of the glass sculpture that sits in the entryway.

She also was on hand to help with video documentation. Millie is a multi-talented…well who knows what she is, exactly…

Audiences of all ages got to see some fantastic music in a gorgeous space at noon, written by composers ranging from Bach to Stravinsky and David Lang. Upon seeing the toy pianos on parade, one of them exclaimed, “Are they actually going to PLAY those little thingies!?!” Glee ensued.


We’re so proud of everyone for such a great show!! And, as one Facebook friend comments on this final pic: “that is slick as HELL!”