Miranda Schreiber

Composer, 2020

Miranda Schreiber is very excited to begin her composition career! She is passionate about composing works that anyone can connect with on a basic, emotional level. Many of her compositions combine elements of two American musical traditions: post-minimalism and jazz. 

Miranda started composing and taking piano lessons when she was 10 years old. She later studied jazz piano when she was in high school and has loved improvising ever since. Although she has continued to receive formal jazz improvisation instruction at Illinois State University (ISU), Miranda has never studied with a composition professor until last year.

Despite her non-traditional background, Miranda just composed her first commissioned piece “Horn Quartet No. 1” for the Fresh Inc Festival. She also recently composed “Guitar Quartet No. 1” for next year’s Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival. Her other recent works include “Groove Etude” for solo piano and “Out of the Blue” for saxophone quartet, both of which were premiered at ISU. 

ISU’s music program has awarded Miranda the 2019-2020 Harlan W. Peithman Memorial Scholarship for her excellence in music theory and a Music Tuition Waiver for her talent as a pianist. Miranda’s composition professors have included Carl Schimmel, Martha Horst, Roger Zare, and Roy Magnuson. She has also studied with ISU piano professors Tuyen Tonnu and Kevin Hart.

In her free time, Miranda enjoys taking walks and cuddling with cats.