Nhat Nguyen

Composer, 2018

Nhat Nguyen (b. 1997) is a Vietnamese composer, whose interest in composition began in 2012. Nhat studied in the United Nations International School of Hanoi for the majority of pre-college academics, until his high school graduation in 2015. During the same time period, he also attended the Vietnam National Academy of Music to study piano performance before earning a diploma in composition. Nhat has participated in various musical events including the Composition Masterclass with Professor Bernd Asmus in 2013. He contributed two pieces, Miniatures and “Cicadas” to the Asia-Europe New Music Festival held in Vietnam in 2014. In 2016, he received the “Certificate of Participation Manila Composers Lab”, for attending the workshops in the University of Philippines, organized by the Goethe Institute, with other young South-East Asian composers. Nhat is currently an undergraduate, studying composition in the Manhattan School of Music with Dr. Reiko Fueting, attempting to earn his Bachelor of Music degree. He has also previously studied with Dr. Susan Botti, and took lessons with Professor P.Q. Phan from the Jacobs School of Music, for a short period of time. His works have been performed by the Hanoi New Music Ensemble, Ripieno Ensemble, Ajax Quartet, confluss duo and players from the Contemporary Performance Program of Manhattan School of Music.

Nhat Nguyen – String Quartet No. 2 “Flashbacks”