Noah Durnell

Oboe, 2020 (Known Alley Duo)

Noah Durnell is a senior at the University of Montana pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree under the direction of Dr. Jennifer Cavanaugh in Oboe performance, with a minor in nonprofit administration, a certificate in Entertainment Management, and a University Scholar distinction from the Davidson Honors College. A native of Great Falls, MT, he began studying Oboe at age 13 under oboists Melanie Pozdol and Lauren Blackerby. Entering the University of Montana, Noah established himself as a versatile performer in the school of music as an alto and tenor saxophonist in the Grizzly Marching Band, principal oboist of the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and principal oboist of the University of Montana Symphony Orchestra. He further pursued his love of chamber music in forming The Breakfast Club woodwind quintet, and Known Alley, a flute and oboe duo. Noah won the 2018 Concerto Aria Competition with his performance of Alessandro Marcello’s Oboe Concerto in D minor, and was featured with the University of Montana Symphony Orchestra in concert and on tour to Spokane, WA. In Spring of 2019, Noah was a gold-medalist and adjudicator’s choice of the Musicfest Northwest Sonata competition performing Saint-Saën’s Oboe Sonata in D major. Outside of music, Noah serves University of Montana students as a student senator and as President of the Student Music Union. In the future, Noah intends to perform, commission, and research the works of minority composers using a non-profit business model to dissolve oppressive barriers established by musical audiences.

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