One Performer+One Mic+Thousands of People=…

It’s our pleasure to announce one of fresh inc festival’s most distinct performance opportunities!  On Thursday June 7th, only a few days after the start of the festival, participants will have the opportunity to perform short solos or duos at the Milwaukee Art Museum.  Musicians will ply their craft in the stunning and uniquely designed Calatrava entryway of the museum’s Windover Hall.  It’ll be a relaxing afternoon of gorgeous music, a stunning view of the lake….oh and thousands of patrons attending MAM’s Target-sponsored free Thursday!

This museum concert is meant to get fresh inc participants used to engaging with transient, non-traditional audiences.  By performing in unfamiliar places for unfamiliar faces (lots of unfamiliar faces), our musicians will learn how to speak confidently about their work, make it relevant to people from different backgrounds, and transform them into audience members.  You already know that Claude Debussy was a pretty cool guy who writes beautiful music…now it’s time to convince Milwaukee!


Picture of the Milwaukee Art Museum found here.