fresh inc festival and Fifth House Ensemble are thrilled to announce these exciting public performance partnerships for our 2012 festival!  Unlike any other opportunity for young musicians, fresh inc connects its participants with an incredibly broad network of venues and audiences to expand their professional networks.  Don’t miss these unique chances to meet and play with professionals, perform for some of Chicago’s most ardent classical music supporters, and get your music heard!


Rush Hour Concert Series 

fresh inc participants will have three unique opportunities to take part in Rush Hour Concerts, one of downtown Chicago’s most beloved and well-attended summer concert series. Fifth House Ensemble and festival participants will be featured on Tuesday, June 12, 2012.

All composers and performers (and even some special guests) will take part in a performance of Terry Riley’s landmark work In C using the large cathedral to its full acoustic, antiphonal capability.

One composition from the submitted works by fresh inc composers will be selected for performance on the Rush Hour concert series. This performance will be given by 5HE players.

Both performances will be heard by Rush Hour’s capacity weekly audiences of more than 650 attendees, and broadcast live on 98.7 WFMT and to over 250,000 listeners.

As an additional bonus, any participants who will be in the Chicago area on June 21, 2012 are invited to participate in the second annual Make Music Chicago, a free citywide festival of performances by all ages and musical genres presented by Rush Hour Concerts.


Ravinia Festival

On June 16th, 2012, Bennett Gordon Hall will be rife with the sounds of emerging talent and creative collaboration.  In this special concert, some of the country’s most promising student musicians and composers will join forces with Chicago’s very own Fifth House Ensemble to create ensembles of all shapes, sizes, and sounds.  The selections on this evening’s program will be similarly diverse, touching on standard repertoire while highlighting new works by Stacy Garrop, David Rakowski, and the students themselves.  This one-of-a-kind opportunity to see new talent on display is the culmination point of a unique educational opportunity for aspiring musicians, the fresh inc festival.


Milwaukee Art Museum

On Thursday June 7th, only a few days after the start of the festival, fresh inc participants will have the opportunity to perform short solos or duos at the Milwaukee Art Museum.  Musicians will ply their craft in the stunning and uniquely designed Calatrava entryway of the museum’s Windover Hall.  It’ll be a relaxing afternoon of gorgeous music, a stunning view of the lake, and thousands of patrons attending MAM’s Target-sponsored free Thursday!

This museum concert is meant to get participants used to engaging with transient, non-traditional audiences.  By performing in unfamiliar places for unfamiliar faces (lots of unfamiliar faces), our musicians will learn how to speak confidently about their work, make it relevant to people from different backgrounds, and transform them into audience members.  You already know that Claude Debussy was a pretty cool guy who writes beautiful music…now it’s time to convince Milwaukee!


Closing Concert — Kenosha, WI

On the final day off the festival, June 17th, 2012, all participants will showcase their work in a final program in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This marathon afternoon will be recorded for documentation, and allow everyone to share their growth and exploration with an eager public.

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