Qiren Lu

Composer, 2018

Qiren Lu is a composer and pianist from Beijing, China. His music has been performed by the MSM orchestra, sTem ensemble, Talis chamber ensemble, and also has been championed internationally by famous composers such as Nils Vigeland, Miguel del Agulia, Akira Nishimura and Xiaoyong Chen, among-others. His music has received commissions from music festival such as Atlantic music festival, TALIS music festival and Fresh inc music festival etc. He recently just won the Manhattan Prize with his string quartet < morning of the mountain>.

Since moving from Beijing to New York, Lu started to study the western contemporary composition skill. He has been working on a set of miniatures for piano and chamber ensembles, which explores a variety of different compositional approaches, ranging from ostinato to un-pitched sound. At the meantime he has made his own mark as an independent and dynamic voice in music. For him, the further study is not only to master more western composition skills and knowledge but also to spread Chinese folk music, since the brilliant Chinese culture which embracing a long history and full of vitality is always the source of his composing inspiration. He is also seeking the perfect combination between the traditional Chinese music and western contemporary music. 

Qiren Lu – For Violin, Horn And Piano Trio