Recent and Upcoming Premiers

While attending Fresh Inc. in 2016, Kyle Rotolo (composer) was working on an opera that was premiered in last May. Both music and libretto were written by Kyle for “Marilyn’s Room”, a two-act opera that was premiered by the New Voices Opera in May 2017.
On the opera: “Fame and stardom can bring riches and rewards, but for many, the pressure and exposure bring loneliness and sorrow. Some of America’s most famous starlets have struggled with depression, addiction, abuse, or all of the above and the public can’t seem to get enough. Marilyn’s Room explores the world around the star, the people behind the scenes whether they are calling the shots or just cleaning the sheets. These are the people who see the real star, the real human being underneath the fancy gowns and facades. They are the individuals who get to experience fame at its worst every day but leave it at work every night.”
Coming up in November is the premiere of a new work for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano called EXHALE THE MOON for the Midwest Composers’ Symposium at the University of Michigan.