rehearsals galore, salon night, and psychographics

It’s day 5, and we start with the usual marathon of rehearsals. Over these two weeks, we rehearse all 24 new works that have been written for the festival, along with many established pieces both new and old. Festival participants join members of 5HE in mixed ensembles for rehearsals and performance, which is our favorite way to make music and learn.

Today’s workshop is on marketing and psychographics, exploring what happens when artists put their audience at the center of their programming. We look at ways to truly understand an audience through survey questions that get at the root of their preferences, buying habits, behaviors, interests, and more. Trying to program for a public that you haven’t reached yet? Create an ideal audience member, give them a name, and create a collage that puts into images their unique interests and personality. Here’s a way in which Honda does that in their recent Civic commercials:

We used Black Violet as a case study for how a psychographic understanding of one’s audience can impact your choices with regards to collaborators, programming, sponsorships, venue selection, and more, all with the idea of creating cohesive experience design.

We then challenge everyone to create their own collages using a(n amazingly heavy) arsenal of magazines and glue sticks.

Next, we’re on to our second salon night, in which we were delighted by solo and chamber works, including works of Philip Glass and fresh inc’s own David Rakowski. What a great way to end the night!

P.S. – who knew you could play a clarinet like this?!?