Samson Matthews

Composer, 2019

Samson Matthews (b. 1999) explores the spaces between sound, space, performance art, texture, and noise through the medium of music.  An avid human rights advocate, many of their works are inspired from places of injustice, and seek to spark conversation, foster empathy, and cultivate community.  Such pieces are centered around themes of climate change, transgender and queer resilience, the military industrial complex, among others. Another driving force of their compositional output are the boundaries between what it means to listen, the relationships that are created in listening environments of all sizes and spaces, and how that space manifests as a living, breathing entity. 

Currently pursuing a BM in Music Composition at the Lionel Hampton School of Music at the University of Idaho, Samson’s music has been read and performed by individuals and ensembles across the country, including the JACK quartet and So Percussion.  They have also participated in festivals such as the Fresh Inc. Festival and the So Percussion Summer Institute. Honors and scholarships awarded include the Fresh Voices Scholarship, the ASCAP composer fellowship, and the Robert E. Kirby Music Scholarship. They are currently working on a solo viola work commissioned by Kate Barmotina, as well as an 8 movement piece about climate change.

Elision — Samson Matthews

for horn, violin, piano