Sarah Jordan

Composer/Performer, 2020

Sarah Jordan is a composer, flute performer, and music educator residing in Eugene, Oregon. Sarah has always thought of music as her voice to express the thoughts and emotions she wishes to convey and inspire within listeners. Though this is her personal way of communication, she also hopes to lend a platform in which other’s texts, emotions, and ideals can live. For every composition and performance she aims to understand, engage, and collaborate with the performers and audience in a way that all can feel confident and passionate about a work. 

Her most recent activities include her piece Paroxysm (2019) premiered by Duo Ostinato at the Thailand International Composition Festival in August 2019; her newest string quartet, Anticipation (2020), premiered by the Delgani String Quartet in February 2020; then in June 2020 she performed and premiered her work Isolated Reveries (2020) during the 2020 Fresh Inc Festival: Digital Edition and she attended SPLICE 2020 digitally as a performer participant. 

In 2016 Sarah received a dual Bachelor of Music in Composition and Flute Performance from the University of the Pacific, Conservatory of Music where she studied composition with Dr. Robert Coburn, Dr. Francois Rose, and Dr. Eric Wood and flute with Prof. Mathew Krejci. 

She then received her Master of Music in Composition and is continuing her education to obtain a PhD in Music Composition under Dr. Robert Kyr and Dr. David Crumb at the University of Oregon