Sarah Lucas-Page

Composer, 2021

Sarah is an award-winning composer in Arizona and has been performing and making music for almost her entire life. She initially fell in love with music when she started playing clarinet at age 9. Since then she has been performing in concert bands, chamber ensembles, and as a soloist. Sarah currently is going to Arizona State University to complete her undergrad degree in 


Sarah has worked with groups all over Arizona to create beautiful and inspiring music. She was commissioned by the West Valley Youth Orchestra in 2020 to create a string ensemble piece with solo string quartet for their 2020 summer camp (premiere of the piece pushed to 2021 because of COVID-19). Sarah Has also been a participant in the Fresh Inc. Festival 2021 where DREAMERS (string quartet) was commissioned. 

Sarah has been teaching privately for two years as well as in large groups for five years. She has taught at Surprise Academy of Music and was a percussion and music technician for Dysart High School in Surprise, She currently teaches woodwinds, piano, early childhood music, and composition at Rhapsody School of Music in Anthem, Arizona.