The Syrinx Project

zoe sorrell-1004“The Syrinx Project is a way for my art to be more than just an aesthetic experience. I want to interact directly with the issues that are most important to me today.”

The premiere of Part III of Zoe Sorrell’s interdisciplinary Syrinx Project will occur next month at the Pittsburgh Festival of New Music. The story began when Zoe added her own poetry and choreography to Debussy’s iconic flute solo, Syrinx. Part III relates to Pandora’s infamous box to the impossible space women are often asked to occupy in society.

The Syrinx Project is a commissioning series dedicated to telling the stories of mythological women through the lens of contemporary feminism. The idea is that each commission will act as a chapter in a novel, furthering the story Zoe is telling about being a woman in todays world.

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Zoe Sorrell’s Syrinx Project