Three Weeks Away!

Day6-65Guess what!!  We’re now just under the three week mark until the 2013 fresh inc festival!  Everyone here at Team Fifth House could not be more excited to be heading to Kenosha to spend two glorious weeks working with our fabulous roster of participants this year.  In the past few weeks, 5HE staff has been working tirelessly to prepare for the festival.  I’m going to try to give you a sneak peeks into our preparation as we get closer and closer to June 9, 2013.

Some of the things we’ve been working on in the last weeks and months include:

  • booking a number of performance opportunities to make sure our instrumentalists and composers are heard by as many people as possible
  • drafting a contact sheet so all of our participating composers and instrumentalists know how to get a hold of each other and us
  • selecting and assigning repertoire to musicians, and then split the repertoire into rehearsal blocks (and make sure no one is double booked!)
  • creating a schedule of events for the festival, including working with our guest experts to schedule their workshops
  • collecting parts & scores from participating composers and for the standard rep works we’ll be rehearsing and playing
  • collecting emergency contact forms & travel forms from our participants
  • reserving buses to get us to and from our performances in Chicago, Evanston, and Milwaukee
  • sending out press releases to area media outlets to let them know about our performances
  • updating our outreach workshop scripts to allow for fresh inc participants to join us on an outreach visit
  • and a plethora of other things

And while there is still a lot to do, we can’t wait to be on campus at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and get our hands dirty with some killer music and awesome workshops!  If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out who is joining us for this year’s festival, and mark your calendars for when you can see them perform — you definitely won’t want to miss these opportunities!

Check back in a day or two to hear more about our preparation and planning for the 2013 fresh inc festival, as well as to learn about what will be keeping us busy during the festival!