Wyatt Cannon

Composer, 2021

Wyatt Cannon is a composer from San Jose, California, currently studying music composition at the University of the Pacific. Cannon’s primary composition teachers include Andrew Conklin, Eric Wood, Eric Dudley, Robert Coburn and Belinda Reynolds. He has worked with ensembles such as Friction Quartet, ~Nois saxophone quartet, and 28/78 New Music Ensemble. In 2018, he won the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players’ composition competition, SF Search, for his piece “Quicksilver”, scored for flute, vibraphone and cello. Prior to that, he was the recipient of the Victor Salvo Music Composition Scholarship presented by Composers and Schools in Concert. In 2021, he was selected as one of 24 composers commissioned for 5th House Ensemble’s Fresh Inc Festival.

In addition to instrumental chamber music, Cannon has also written solo vocal and choral works, algorithmic compositions and electronic pieces. His pieces often deal with concepts of evolution and change, featuring heavily syncopated rhythms with rich, open harmonies. He hopes to expose listeners to new ways of looking at the world through his music.