Yuting Lin

Composer, 2015

In November 2015, Yuting successfully defended his Master of Music degree in Composition at the University of Toronto. his thesis piece Lux Eternal (duration 12 minutes) was written for solo clarinet and string orchestra, including percussions. It is the result of a network of transformations, all derived from one initial motive and an initial chord associated with the motive.

After defending the thesis he wrote two smaller pieces: “Joy”, an arrangement for SATB chorus that infuses a given oriental melody with a rich Slavic sound, and “The Young Summer”, an original choral piece that sets an English translation of traditional Chinese poetry using lots of major and minor second intervals, controlled aleatoricism, as well as Middle-East influenced vocal ornaments.

In 2016, he is taking part in community ensembles in Toronto and is increasingly interested in music made by immigrants and how these activities intersect with public and private education. 

Yuting’s study at the University of Toronto was characterized by immersion in musical traditions. He was influenced by liturgical, ancient, and folk music, as well as canonical Western art music. His writing often reinterprets these historic styles. His piece for Fresh Inc. 2015, “Turner, Rocket, Firewheel”, was in this vein.

His prior study at the University of Alberta was influenced by 20th Century high modernism, which lead him to explore noise, silence, timbres, electroacoustic music, musique concrete, and computer-controlled music. He was also inspired by the experience of choral singing under the direction of Leonard Ratzlaff and his students.

In between these two periods of study Yuting lived and worked in Taiwan, his place of birth and where his extended family still lives. He joined the Taipei Chamber Singers and was deeply moved by the experience of singing in his mother tongue (Mandarin and Hoklo). They tackled both avant-garde and folk-inspired repertoire, and premiered many new works.

For more information about Yuting, check out his website.

Yuting Lin – Turner, Rocket, Fire Wheel
for oboe, oboe, clarinet, clarinet, bassoon, horn